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平行程式編譯套件 - Intel Compilers
   Intel Compilers 編譯器

Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit
(原 Intel Parallel Studio XE)

The Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit delivers what developers need to build, analyze, optimize, and scale HPC applications. It is a combination of two toolkits:

Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit
- Includes a core set of tools and libraries to build and deploy data-centric applications
  across architectures.
- It features Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) language, domain-specific libraries, and
  enhanced profiling, design, and debug tools.

Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit
- Deliver high-performance computing tools to build, analyze, optimize, and scale AI,
  machine learning, and deep learning applications.
- Optimized with the latest techniques in vectorization, multithreading, multi-node
  parallelization, and memory optimization.


Priority Support is paid product support that covers all of the components included in the toolkit. It provides the following benefits for one year:

- Direct and private interaction with Intel’s support engineers, including the ability to submit confidential support requests.
- Accelerated response time for technical questions and other product needs.
- Priority assistance for escalated defects and feature requests.
- Free download access to all new product updates and continued access to older versions of the product.
- Access to a vast library of self-help documentation built from decades of experience with creating high-performance code.
- Access to Intel public community forums supported by community technical experts and monitored by Intel engineers.

Intel® Parallel Studio XE Users

Intel® oneAPI Toolkits are the next generation of standards-based Intel® Software Development Tools used to build and deploy high-performance, data-centric applications across diverse architectures. The transition from Intel® Parallel Studio XE to Intel® oneAPI Toolkits delivers additional capabilities through existing tools and new tools. The following information shows Intel Parallel Studio XE Editions and the equivalent Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit products.

Intel® Parallel Studio XE Product Intel® oneAPI Toolkit Product
Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer
tel® Parallel Studio XE Professional
Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit
Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit


Single-Node vs Multi-Node
Single-Node: supported for use on laptop, notebook, desktop, PC, or workstation
Multi-Node: supported for use on laptop, notebook, desktop, PC, workstation and
    distributed memory systems ie HPC clusters
        - The applications the developer is writing will determine which option they
          should purchase

License Types
Named user
Concurrent 2-seat: any 2 concurrent users / up to 10 registered developers
Concurrent 5-seat: any 5 concurrent users / up to 25 registered developers
   - No more Floating 1-seat option
   - FlexLM will no longer be included
  . Users must be compliant with Intel’s EULA and purchase the number of seats
   to match the number of users who need to use the software concurrently



Intel Compilers

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